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About AIDA International

AIDA is an international nonprofit organization established in 1960 for the purpose of developing insurance laws in the academic and international fields, through teamwork and cooperation between its members, and studying and comparing insurance laws in various countries.

AIDA organizes international conferences once every four years, as well as meetings and symposiums throughout the year in various locations around the world. AIDA operates through working groups which exchange information and publish position letters regularly, while exchanging ideas and comparative law on insurance matters.

The organization was headed by Mr. Jerome Kullman, President, until 2018, who is a Professor of Insurance Law from France) alongside a Presidential Council comprised of 35 members. Adv. Gad Naschitz, deceased, served as the Honorary President representing Israel.

Adv. Peggy Sharon joined the Presidential Council and serves as the Vice President of AIDA International in the Executive Committee. The Presidential Council is elected by the General Assembly.

Working parties on behalf of the organization operate in the following fields: insurance and reinsurance, new technologies, environmental pollution, marine insurance, car insurance, pensions, State supervision of insurance, civil liability insurance, traffic insurance, consumer protection and dispute solutions, and the status of the insurance broker.

About AIDA Israel

 AIDA Israel was established by the first president and founder, Judge H. Lovenberg, as the Israel branch of AIDA International, in order to develop and advance insurance laws in Israel and to promote international cooperation in these fields.

AIDA Israel holds bi-annual professional meetings, on matters relevant to insurance i.e. the status of the insurance broker, policies based on date of occurrence and date of notification, Insurance Contract Law, Reinsurance and the like.

The Council members are comprised of leading lawyers in the fields of Insurance and Torts in Israel, and representatives on behalf of various insurance companies and academic representatives.

The conferences organized by AIDA Israel include lectures given by distinguished lecturers from various universities as well as senior and retired judges, alongside lawyers who analyze the latest precedents in insurance laws and stimulate discussions with the audience of participants on controversial points in the field.